Why Backup Emails

Email data is vulnerable to hacking and hosting failure

  • Statistically, 1 in 5 email accounts gets hacked
  • 540 million email accounts get hacked every year
  • 62% of owners of hacked accounts are unaware
  • In April ’12, an estimated 33.2 million Gmail users suffered email outage

Emails can also be lost due to

  • Data Email servers’ failure: Risk increases from 10% after year 4 to 50% after year 5
  • Accidental / intentional deletes
  • Limited Storage: Unwillingness to add storage size leads to auto / bulk / accidental deletes
Why backup diagram
Which accounts were targeted and compromised

All of the above can result in

  • Data loss
  • Lost opportunities / business
  • Serious depletion of organizational memory
  • Increased organizational spending on recovery, training

.... And hence affect business continuity